Where We Grow

We pride ourselves on maintaining close relationships with a number of very talented growers. These bonds make it possible for us to source excellent quality fruit from which we aspire to make high quality wines. Many of these sites sit at higher elevation locations and experience more even ripening as a result of maritime influences including morning fog, moderate daytime temperatures, and cooler evenings. The grapes that emanate from these sites bring forth food friendly, balanced and nuanced wines with excellent acid and fruit profiles. Here is an overview of the vineyard sources for our current releases:


Our Pinot Noir growers tend sites in cooler climate growing regions including the Anderson Valley, other parts of Mendocino County, Green Valley, and other Sonoma Coast vineyards. While the resulting expression of the wines in bottle from each of these vineyards yields distinct flavor profiles, the common element for which we strive is always a lower alcohol, yet seriously flavorful style.

Cerise Vineyard

This beautiful Anderson Valley vineyard in the hills above Boonville has produced fine fruit over many years. We are proud to bear its name on our label. The vineyard provides blocks, which include Wadenswil, Martini, and Pommard clones. The resulting wines are light to medium bodied, but with beautiful red fruit flavors balanced by seamless acids.


Our Syrah, Grenache, and Mourvèdre growers tend sites in the increasingly well known Sierra Foothills region as well as Mendocino County. Our Sierra Foothills growers tend vineyards in higher elevation, cool climate locations that enable the grapes to ripen evenly and beautifully while experiencing cool mornings and evenings, which serve to moderate sugar, and therefore alcohol levels in our wines without sacrificing flavor. The resulting wines are food friendly, balanced and nuanced, with distinct and penetrating varietal flavors.   Here is an overview of our vineyard sources:

Goldbud Farms

This farm, situated in El Dorado at a 2,400 foot elevation produces beautiful Grenache. The site features Aiken red volcanic soil – fine as powder – eroded from an ancient caldera, strewn with pebble-sized lava rocks. Head-trained vines, 8-12 years old.

Fenaughty Vineyard

This vineyard produces high quality Grenache and Syrah. The site features Aiken loam volcanic soil.  The Syrah we harvest from this site is floral and pretty, high-toned, and endowed with good natural acid. Fenaughty fruit frequently appears in our Grenache-dominant blend. Fenaughty Grenache is expressive and very pretty. We source our fruit from some younger blocks and also some 12-15 year old vines.

Futernick Vineyard

This vineyard produces high quality Mourvèdre at an elevation range of 2400-2500 feet. The site features Aiken red volcanic soil – fine as powder – eroded from an ancient caldera, strewn with pebble-sized lava rocks. Head-trained vines, 8-12 years old. Futernick displays an interesting balance of funk and fruit. Earthy, with watermelon and rhubarb fruit aromas frequently appear. Some of this fruit appears in our Grenache-dominant blend, Bel Canto.

Von Huen Vineyard

This high elevation, hillside vineyard produces beautiful Mourvèdre. Harvests include relatively small bunches and berries with concentrated “purple” fruit flavors as well as blue fruit, funk and desirable tannins.

Wylie Vineyard

A high elevation Syrah vineyard sitting at 2,800 feet. The vineyard is very rocky and steep with shallow soil.  Wylie fruit is intense with a solid core, minerality, and firm structure offering blackberry, violet and red fruit notes.

Skinner Vineyard

A high elevation Syrah vineyard sitting at 2,700 feet. The vineyard, which produces high acid, wonderfully flavorful and textured fruit, is comprised of decomposed granite.

Eaglepoint Ranch

This high elevation Ukiah Valley Syrah, Mourvèdre and Grenache vineyard sits at 1,700 feet and is comprised of decomposed sandstone with veins of “timber red” loams as well as upland pasture soil types. Eaglepoint is a beautiful mountain vineyard cooled by elevation and maritime influences. Eaglepoint fruit is featured in both our Mendocino County Syrah and Grenache-dominant blends.