What We Care About

QUALITY OVER QUANTITY – We will only increase production if we can do so while also exceeding our own quality expectations. This is paramount for us.

VALUE FOR CUSTOMERS – We will always keep a keen eye and focus on providing very high quality wine for reasonable prices. Our goal is to make the purchase our wines a clear and easy choice as a result of competitive pricing vis a vis our peers.

INDIVIDUALISTIC EXPRESSION – We admire those who aren’t afraid to be themselves and who respect both tradition and exploration. This enables us to make wines we love without fear or regret.

MINIMAL INTERVENTION IN WINEMAKING – We are fortunate to maintain relationships with outstanding vineyard sources, and we are determined to let the grapes speak for themselves.

SUPPORTING GROWERS – Our vineyard managers, owners and growers are our lifeblood. We respect and care about them. We are fair-minded and loyal.

PASSION FOR WHAT WE DO – Making great wines for our customers to enjoy drives us every day. We are determined to exceed your expectations, and to learn from each successive vintage.

REACHING FOR HEIGHTS – We believe that there is no point in reaching for a middle ground. We will do our level best with every wine and in every year, to deliver the highest possible level of quality.

NEVER COMPROMISING – We will never manipulate our wines, or compromise quality in any way or for any reason. Our goal is simple; tell a true story with each bottle we produce.

PHILANTHROPY AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY- We will donate a percentage of our profits to causes near and dear to us, including the environment, local communities in which we are active, and music education.