People Who Inspire Us

Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi – Great music can be a lot like great wine. It evokes feelings and imagery that can transport you in some manner. While the direction in which it takes any of us is highly personal, we are all impacted by its beauty in some way. Derek and Susan are special people who make incredible music from the heart. Absurd amounts of talent aside, we have the good fortune to know that it is their true nature below the surface of what they do and how they do it that gives the music its character and meaning. The melodies and instrumentation are beautiful, but the nuances are what set it apart. Deeply soulful and meaningful stuff coming from the depths of two amazing people. This is what inspires us.

Alanna Purdy – Alanna is a young woman we have known since she was a child. We marveled at her artistic ability at an early age, and as she has grown, her art has as well. Alanna’s work graces the cover of every bottle of wine we make and we are proud to say so. Her instinctive gift enables her to capture both superficial beauty and the nuances that make you look more frequently at any quality work of art, and to look ever closer as well in order to capture the complexities not always apparent at a glance. She is focused not only on advancing her art career, but truly sacrificing and giving of herself back to the community. She is earning her second Masters degree now and the sky is the limit for her. She speaks with a soft voice, artistically and personally, but walks the walk. This is what inspires us.

Dan Rust – Dan is a young man with varied passions. We came to know him through our own love of the outdoors, and over time saw the qualities that set him apart. He is pictured here having just helped Mrs. Tow land a nice Madison River brown trout. Dan is a living representative of the saying “less is more”. He steadfastly refuses to speak about himself despite his native intelligence and pursuit of higher education, which he employs to teach others. His modesty, intensity, honesty and loyalty make up the package that we have come to respect and about which we care the most. Our patience in looking deeper inside allowed us to see these qualities that have lasting value, but are not always easy to indentify in someone at first glance. This is what inspires us.

Oliver and Chris Wood – These are two of our favorite people. Their band, The Wood Brothers features rich and soulful songs about life, love, and the passing of loved ones. It was their music that initially attracted us, but the bonds run deep since we both lost mothers to ALS. We are grateful to know them, deeply admire their talent and humility, and ardently turn others on to their music. This is what inspires us.

Matt and Russlyn Seiler – These are two wonderful people who captured our hearts many years ago. They are fun, caring, and generous souls whose lives have intertwined with ours. While we and our children have been the beneficiaries of their thoughtfulness on many occasions, it is their relentless drive to help others and engage their children and friends in the mission that distinguishes them. This is what inspires us.